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Founded in 1993, KiSP is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in San Jose, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires.

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Free Web-based tool for Manufacturer Product Data Creation

TORONTO, ON., CA – KiSP, Inc., an industry leader and creator of innovative sales and visualization technologies for the contract furniture industry, announces a free web-based tool for Manufacturer Product Data Creation – Entity.

 “Good product data, particularly 3D data has now become a strategic asset for manufacturers and is more than a ‘nice to have’. Not only does it drive the industry’s leading design and specification tools, increasingly it can be leveraged across a wide variety of sales and marketing channels including online marketplaces, virtual and augmented reality platforms and upcoming AI applications ”, said Rob Kendal, Managing Director at KiSP, Inc. “We built Entity from the ground up with the furniture manufacturer in mind, so that the data can be created once and repurposed across all the leading industry applications both now and in the future”.

Individual industry manufacturers can use the Entity platform to build and manage product data themselves or with a variety of third-party service providers. Either way, the manufacturer always owns their own data and can easily export it to all leading industry applications.  Manufacturers can start simply with one product line, and scale effortlessly across their entire product portfolio.

“Entity is a pivotal link between various industry technologies and will be a vital asset to manufacturers,” said Dave Bloch, CEO INDEAL. “This innovative platform will play a crucial role in how INDEAL delivers on its commitment to connecting Brand Partners with integrated tools curated to drive efficiencies and help them achieve their growth objectives”.

Entity is available for use at no charge to industry manufacturers and authorized data creation partners. To learn more please visit kisp.com/entity-data-creation or contact Laura Alvarez at lalvarez@kisptech.com

About KiSP Inc.: Founded in 1993, KiSP, Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At KiSP we create, develop and provide client-facing and product visualization solutions to manufacturers, dealers, interior designers and customers in the office furniture industry.

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