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KiSP’s Design Services team are dedicated professionals from the space planning and furniture industry. We bring consultation, advice and expertise to be an extension for your team, and help you get more done.

Design Services

Space Planning
Plans and Specs
Presentation Packages

Installation Drawings

Title Blocks
CET Renderings

We Deliver on Time, and Budget

Trained Experts
Our CAD/Space Planning professionals are fully qualified architects and designers with years of experience behind them. Their strong backgrounds and passion for producing high-quality work are your assurance of success.

Dedicated Team
We offer dedicated, strategic teams to serve you better. Some specialize in the specification of particular spaces, others are dedicated to a single manufacturer’s line of products. We work with you to find the right fit for your team.

Fast Turnaround
We work quickly. When you have tight deadlines and multiple projects on the go, trust KiSP to meet your needs – no matter how demanding.

Low Cost
Our pricing is highly competitive and helps you scale on demand. We can act as your dedicated space planning and specification team, or a reliable solution for you to take advantage of when your design department is overloaded.

We look at the details. So you don’t have to.

Architectural Walls Specifications

We have a dedicated team with 10 years experience with demountable architectural walls, including on-site and product training for multiple manufacturers.

Services we have available:

Plans & Specifications
Installation Drawings
Specials Submission
Presentation Packaged
Title Blocks
Storyboard Renderings

Furniture CAD Specifications

We will work with you to perform quality checks, and submit under your dealership’s standards and title blocks.

Our team of professionals can:

  • create detailed specifications with 2D / 3D layouts
  • create installation drawings following your standards
  • audit a project you completed once you are ready to place the order
  • work in reconfigurations, creating a comparison between new and existing layouts
  • submit specials
  • work in RFP, RFQ, and Tender Preparation

Software We Support

We use the latest tools and software to meet your needs and work seamlessly with your team.

2020 CAP Studio
2020 Worksheet
2020 Visual Impression
2020 Giza

CET Canvas
CET Designer
Project Matrix
Project Spec
The KITS collaborator

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