Did You Know? – Erase a Floor

Presenting your 3D scene to a client is pretty impressive, but using their space as an environment will really set you apart from everyone else. We understand that taking a photo of a space filled with furniture can be pretty tricky to use. That’s no problem! The KITS collaborator™ allows you to erase an entire floor to give you a “blank” canvas.

Here are some easy steps to help you along the way…

1. In your preview screen tap Erase, a drop down menu will display, tap Floor.

Now it’s time to erase! (This part can get a little tricky, so we’ve added photos below to help you out. You can click on each image to enlarge the photo)

2. See that white selection window on the bottom of your screen? Drag that around to select a swatch of the floor. You’ll notice in the top left corner of your screen there is a zoom window that will preview your selected swatch (Photo 1). This swatch replaces the area that is erased. You can also use camera gestures to zoom and rotate the white selection window. Ready to erase? Tap Next.

3. Use the square points to outline the area of the floor you would like to remove.  To add points, double tap the line of the red selection area. Or you can tap the Add Point button then tap anywhere on the line to create a new point. A zoom window in the top left corner of your screen will allow better precision when placing points (Photo 2).

4. When the entire floor of your photo is red (Photo 3) and you’re happy with your selection, tap Done.

That’s it! Your scene now looks clean and realistic with an empty floor to work with (Photo 4). And remember, practice makes perfect!

You can also practice this feature by following along with this quick tutorial: