Did You Know? – Create a Line Drawing

The 2.3.1 update brings you an all new feature for KITS Mobile! We are excited to announce that you will be able to render any project into a full line drawing.

A line drawing is an illustration that enhances the visual communication of your layout. This type of rendering is perfect for communicating accurate and scaled information to your client without the distraction of finishes.

You now have the ability to choose your preferred style of rendering. Create vivid colors and shadows with best quality rendering or emphasize the size, shape and construction of your built scene with line drawings. This new feature also helps generate and refine new ideas and solutions when working with a designer. Great for presentations, spot renderings and C.O.M materials, line drawings can be used in all different ways.

Creating a line drawing is easy to do! First tap on HD Render and then tap Line Drawing. Don’t forget to update your KITS Mobile to version 2.3.1 to access this new feature.