Change Fabrics and Finishes with One Tap

Selecting the options for each item in a project with a large footprint can take just a few seconds with the Replace All feature. Quickly explore a number of different finish options to find the right style for your customer. Instead of editing each individual item, KITS will recognize all items that share a common option finish palette and make the necessary changes with just one tap. You can watch our tutorial video to learn more:

Or you can follow along with the step-by-step tutorial below. Click any image for larger view.

1. Double tap on the item in your scene you would like edit.

2. Change the fabrics and finishes.

3. Tap ‘Replace All’. This will change every worktop surface color in the scene.

(Note: A Hint box will appear to confirm your selection. You can either tap ‘Don’t show again’ if you no longer want this hint to appear, or ‘OK’ to continue.)

 4. Tap Close.

You can now save time by quickly replacing option finishes for like-items in your scene to explore different designs with your customer.