Sell Office Furniture on the Big Screen

One of the many reasons why we developed our KITS app for the iPad is mobility. It was important for us to create a mobile sales tool that could easily replace those heavy catalogs many sales professionals carry around to client meetings.

This is why The KITS collaborator™ app is perfect for travelling between clients and the office. You have instant access to manufacturer catalogs and price lists anywhere you go. Say goodbye to those extra bulky materials! But don’t think that your experience on KITS is limited to a small tablet screen.

Another great benefit of having our app on your iPad is AirPlay. Airplay allows you to wirelessly stream audio, video, photos and (most importantly 😉 ) The KITS collaborator™ between devices.

Using third party software, you can display your iPad screen onto a projector, computer monitor or television. Which means you can showcase projects you build on The KITS collaborator™ to clients, designers and colleagues instantly. Here at the office we are always using AirPlay, from sharing our projects with team members to hosting webinars and training sessions.

If you’re interested in taking KITS to a whole new level, there are some great options for Airplay software. We suggest you check out Reflector, X-Mirage and Apple TV.