Product Data that Unlocks Your Marketing Potential

High quality product data is the key to stunning websites, sales platform integrations, accurate CAD specification, AR, VR, brochures and so much more.

Update data for sharing across all platforms

Great data is the key to a level playing field, putting your products in the same places as ‘the big guys’. Websites, social media, ads and brochures, VR, AR, KITS, CET Designer, 2020, and so much more – it all starts with high quality data.

Our tools make it easy to create yourself

Let our experts do it for you. Complete product data is made up of 3 key elements – You may have data and want to complete your product line, or only partial data – no problem! We’ll work with you to complete what’s missing…so you can do anything.

Own Your Product Data

When you build data for individual platforms, they may own your data – with Entity you’ll own it yourself so that you can post your products anywhere and perform updates and additions as required.

Entity by KiSP is a first of its kind tool that makes creating product data simpler, faster and puts the power in your own hands. Our Clients trust us with their greatest assets.

Let us help create and maintain a digital record of your products for use in catalogs, space planning, renderings, sales tools and much more. Make your products easily accessible to your dealers and sales reps.

Why Use Entity?

Technology Leaders
We have created leading technology to help you get your symbols created quickly and accurately. Plus, our partners at KITS have pioneered furniture sales software solutions to use them.

The Marketer’s Choice
We’ll help you create a plan that lets you use your data anywhere. We know how important your digital assets are and we’ll ensure you always have access to use them where you want.

Starting from just low hourly rates, our team offers affordable options to get what you need created on time and on budget – and keep it up to date. We also have options for those who want to handle the project internally, with our free tools and training sessions.
Data for any Platform from One Input

Use data built with Entity in marketing materials like your website, online configurators, partner seller websites, and anywhere digital. You can also create VR and AR presentations and use the data in 3rd party platforms like Project Matrix/Configura, CET, 20/20 and other visualization platforms.
Create, Complete and Update Your Data

Complete product data is made of 2D/3D CAD files, Descriptions (marketing and product), and swatches that includes finishes and textures. Whether you have none of the pieces, or all of them, we can help you create your data, update and complete it and then have an ongoing plan to keep this valuable asset up to date
Complete Visuals to Drive More Sales

You may be able to easily visualize “that desk with that finish”. But your clients may have a hard time. Most people do. And when they can’t ‘see’ it, they won’t be ready to buy. Let your dealers create simple visual presentations that use your products, and make sure yours are the items they showcase with a full digital catalog.
Free Guide: Why Product Data is Critical
Understanding the power of product data and its significance in the contract furniture industry is the key to unlocking successful sales and marketing outcomes. Download our free guide now to learn more about how product data can open a world of marketing opportunities and empower you to make informed decisions.
Webinar: The Value of Proper Product Data
Watch our insightful and informative webinar to learn why investing time and effort into creating proper product data is a crucial step for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s marketplace. Plus, learn the key steps to getting started with product data, and see a live demo of Entity – all from the experts.

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Free Web-based tool for Manufacturer Product Data Creation

TORONTO, ON., CA – KiSP, Inc., an industry leader and creator of innovative sales and visualization technologies for the contract furniture industry, announces a free web-based tool for Manufacturer Product Data Creation – Entity.

 “Good product data, particularly 3D data has now become a strategic asset for manufacturers and is more than a ‘nice to have’. Not only does it drive the industry’s leading design and specification tools, increasingly it can be leveraged across a wide variety of sales and marketing channels including online marketplaces, virtual and augmented reality platforms and upcoming AI applications ”, said Rob Kendal, Managing Director at KiSP, Inc. “We built Entity from the ground up with the furniture manufacturer in mind, so that the data can be created once and repurposed across all the leading industry applications both now and in the future”.

Individual industry manufacturers can use the Entity platform to build and manage product data themselves or with a variety of third-party service providers. Either way, the manufacturer always owns their own data and can easily export it to all leading industry applications.  Manufacturers can start simply with one product line, and scale effortlessly across their entire product portfolio.

“Entity is a pivotal link between various industry technologies and will be a vital asset to manufacturers,” said Dave Bloch, CEO INDEAL. “This innovative platform will play a crucial role in how INDEAL delivers on its commitment to connecting Brand Partners with integrated tools curated to drive efficiencies and help them achieve their growth objectives”.

Entity is available for use at no charge to industry manufacturers and authorized data creation partners. To learn more please visit or contact Laura Alvarez at

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