Product Data that Unlocks Your Marketing Potential

High quality product data is the key to stunning websites, sales platform integrations, AR, VR, brochures and so much more.

Entity Data Creation

Entity is a FREE tool, created by KiSP to help build your product data.

Update Data Across Different Platforms

Great data is the key to a level playing field, putting your products in the same places as ‘the big guys’. Websites, social media, ads and brochures, VR, AR, KITS, Configura and so much more – it all starts with high quality data.

Our Tools Make it Easy to Create Yourself

Complete product data is made up of 3 key elements – you may have data and want to complete your product line, or only partial data – no problem! You can create or complete data yourself, with your own data creation team, or we can help you as needed.

Own Your Product Data

When you build data for individual platforms, they may own your data – with Entity you’ll own it yourself so that you can post your products anywhere and perform updates and additions as required.

Free, simple tools from experts in visualization.

Entity by KiSP is a first of its kind tool that makes creating product data simpler, faster and puts the power in your own hands. Our Clients trust us with their greatest assets.

Use Entity to create and maintain a digital record of your products for use in catalogs, space planning, renderings, sales tools and much more. Make your products easily accessible to your dealers and sales reps.

Why Use Entity?

Technology Leaders

We have created leading technology to help you get your symbols created quickly and accurately. Plus, our partners at KITS have pioneered furniture sales software solutions to use them.

The Designer's Choice

We manage clients’ digital assets across multiple projects, and we use data every day to create stunning renderings, animations and VR – so we know exactly what a design team needs. We have built Entity to make it simple and open a world of visual selling opportunities.


Entity is free and simple to use. Create the data for any project in-house or with some help. You’ll get what you need created on time and on budget and be able to easily make edits and updates.

Our Clients

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Getting Started

Our Entity tool is free for you or your project team to use. Or if you prefer, we can create a project with our team to do it for you. It’s up to you. After using Entity, you’ll be able to:

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