KiSP Brings the Latest Tech to Proyecto Deseo

Proyecto Deseo (The Desire Project) explores new identities, functions, and types materials. It is the result of looking into the Argentine furniture sector and connecting the best companies with the best national designers in an experimental framework.

On April 14th, designers, manufacturers and industry professionals were invited to the opening show at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MARQ) in Buenos Aires. The exhibit featured 9 national furniture companies who partnered with a group of designers specializing in the sector and created a series of pieces that rethink the future of Argentine furniture.

Our team at KiSP had the pleasure of working with Proyecto Deseo to bring life to their exhibit with The KITS collaborator and virtual reality. The furniture pieces featured at the show were integrated with KITS Mobile, allowing guests to further explore different colors and textures.

We had a wonderful time meeting with designers and discussing how furniture and technology could seamlessly work together.

“It was exciting to see designers interact with their own products in KITS, they couldn’t believe how easy it was to change the color of fabrics and finishes. People were amazed with not only KITS but also virtual reality, they couldn’t get enough!”

– Lorena, The KITS Team