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Introducing Global Spaces – Work, Learn & Heal

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  • Post published:21 February 2019
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Sell Smarter with Global

Global Furniture Group has launched a brand new gallery of pre-configured planning typicals. Available for Global US users on iPad or Windows 10 devices, this gallery is a great solution for speeding up the sales process. Everything is pre-built, specified, and ready to go! Simply tap and drag a typical into your scene and instantly create stunning high-definition renderings. Use the gallery for inspiration or as a starting point for your next project.

How to Access Global Planning Typicals

From the Catalog Subscriptions screen on your iPad or Windows 10 device, tap Planning Typicals under the Publisher list and find Global Spaces | Work, Learn & Heal. Tap the radio button beside the Global planning typical so it turns blue with a check mark, and then tap Sync Now.

Idea Starters & Inspiration

From the Add Item Menu,locate Planning Typicals: (Gallery): Global Spaces | Work, Learn & Heal. Browse through hundreds of pre-configured seating areas, private office layouts and collaborative workstations.

Continue to Customize

Not only can you utilize these planning typicals for your next opportunity, but you can take them one step further by changing fabrics and finishes to meet your client’s needs. Tap on any furniture item to view all available swatches you can select from.