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Adjusting Item Quantity

While working with The KITS collaborator, you may need to increase the quantity of specific furniture items to meet your clients needs. Instead of searching through catalogs to add multiple items to your scene, you can adjust the item quantity by using List View and the Duplicate feature.

From the scene builder, tap on List View.

In this example, lets say your client wants to order additional standing height tables. Tap on the model number of the item you would like to edit the quantity for and tap duplicate from the left side action buttons.

You can now see additional model numbers for the standing desk have been added and contained to a single line in the list view (see image below). All duplicated items will be automatically grouped together.

Your Project Quick Sheet will also reflect these changes, increasing the QTY number for any items you have duplicated.Your scene will also change, showing graphics for each duplicated item.

Manipulating Items with Behavior in Project

Using advanced settings, you can alter the duplicated items within your scene. With Behavior in Project settings, you can:

  • Hide graphics of duplicated items from your scene
  • Create individual listings for each duplicated item
  • Hide the duplicated items from your Quick Sheet

To learn more, read our article on Behavior in Project Settings.