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Behavior in Project [iPad]

You can alter the properties of any item in your scene depending on your project requirements. Clients may request multiples of a single item, but you do not want to show excess furniture in your rendering. You might need to show visual graphics but do not want to include certain items in your Project Quick Sheet or not show the visual graphics but include the items in your Project Quick Sheet.

With Behavior in Project Settings, you can:

  1. Combine all like items into one like or keep items separate
  2. Show or hide graphics from your scene and rendering
  3. Include or remove items from your Project Quick Sheet

To start, double-tap on an item to open the Edit Item Window, then tap on the Behavior in Project tab to expand the section.

Behavior in Project settings are divided into 3 sections and are applied to individual items. You must change these settings for each item in your scene separately.

Quantity Combine

Here you can combine all like-items into one line in your List View and Quick Sheet. Like items have identical model numbers and options. Select Keep this one separate to change the finishes for the selected item only. All other like items will remain grouped together and will not be affected by option changes.

Combine all like this into one line:

Keep this one separate:

Please remember to change the Quantity Combine back to Combine all like Items if you are making duplicates of the changed item. This will ensure that the items will be all in one line.


With the item selected, you can show the corresponding graphic in your 3D scene and renderings, or you can hide the graphic completely. If Hide is selected, the item will still appear in your List View and Quick Sheet as a line charge. The hidden item will have an eye icon with a slash next to the item thumbnail. To make any changes to hidden items, double-tap on the thumbnail to open the edit item menu.

Show in 3D Scene:


Hidden Items in List View:

Include in Project Quick Sheet

You can either allow the selected item to be included in your Project Quick Sheet or to remove the Item but still have it as part of the rendering.

Include in Project Quick Sheet:

Do NOT include in Project Quick Sheet:

Please Note: If you alter the Behavior in Project settings for an item and then duplicate it- the settings will be carried over to the new item.