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Using the Floor Grid

Every new project you start on KITS will have a default 30 ft. x 30 ft. floor grid. You can always customize the size of your grid by accessing the Project Settings (we go through those steps at the end of this post). A floor grid will help with space planning your project based on a clients specific requirements. For accuracy, 1 square on your floor grid is equivalent to 1 sq ft.

Although you have the ability to turn your floor grid off, it’s important to keep it on because the floor grid provides an area for you to place your furniture items in the scene builder. This relates to how you view your scene using the different camera views. Avoid placing items outside your floor grid as the camera views may not position properly around them.

The floor grid is also useful when your camera is set to Plan View. In plan view you can accurately space plan your layout according to your client’s project requirements. This may include placement of items and overall square feet.

When you’re ready to send a Quick Sheet of your project we suggest creating an HD Rendering and using it for your visuals. This will provide your client with a stunning image of the project without a floor grid that distracts from the furniture pieces.

Can’t see a floor grid? It is possible that you’ve zoomed out too far or moved the camera in the wrong direction. Don’t worry! There’s a quick fix. In 3D view, simply tap/click the Camera Reset button located on the bottom right corner of your screen. This will bring you back to the center of your floor grid.

Turning your floor grid on/off and customizing its dimensions is easy to do. Just follow these steps…
1. Select the Gear Icon located at the top right corner of your screen. This is also referred to as your Project Settings button.

2. Here is your Project Settings screen where you can make adjustments to your grid. Under the Floor Grid section swipe the slider beside Show Floor Grid either on or off. Here you can also specify the Grid Length and Grid Width.
Note: The maximum setting for grid length and width is 100 ft x 100ft.