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Installing KITS [iPad]

Welcome to The KITS collaborator!

To get started with your mobile sales tool, you will first need to download the KITS Mobile app onto your iPad. To check if your iPad device is compatible with KITS, and help with purchasing a device to utilize KITS, read our article on Purchasing an iPad for KITS Mobile.

To continue with the installation of KITS, tap on the App Store icon from your iPad home screen. Tap on Search from the bottom navigation bar and type in ‘KITS Mobile’.

Find the KITS Mobile app and tap GET > INSTALL. Once the installation is complete, tap OPEN or return to your home screen and find the KITS Mobile app icon.

And thats it! You have now successfully installed KITS Mobile on your iPad.

Signing In

You will first need your username and password; this can be found in the email sent from our Technical Support Team (

Now that you have your credentials, open your KITS Mobile app, and enter your username and password. When youre ready, tap Sign In.

And thats it! Youve successfully signed into your KITS Mobile account.

Updating the KITS App

You will find a new version of KITS Mobile in the App Store ready to download. We highly recommend all users update their KITS Mobile app, especially if you have been experiencing any issues.

Follow these quick steps to update your KITS Mobile app:

  1. From your iPad home screen, tap the App Store icon
  1. Tap Updates
  1. Tap UPDATE beside the KITS Mobile app

And thats it! If you have any questions you can contact our technical support team at or 416-499-2457 (Press 1).

Quick FAQ

How do I change my password?

Password resets can be made clicking here or by contacting our KITS Technical Support Team at 1.416 499-2457, Press 1 or

What happens when I log into another iPad?

Your KITS Mobile license is for one device only. You cannot log into multiple devices with your KITS Mobile credentials. Prior to changing your device, make sure that you run a sync on your device. This will ensure that once you log into a new device all your projects and data will be carried over. If your iPad has been replaced, please contact our technical support team to assist with setting up a new device. Once your new device has been set up, run a sync on your new device and you should be able to see all your projects.