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Rendering Options in KITS [iPad]

One of the greatest features of KITS is the ability to instantly create high-quality renderings of individual items, layouts, or full projects with environment backgrounds. The KITS Collaborator on an iPad has 4 different rendering options.

To access these rendering options, tap on HD Render, you should see Good Quality Fast, Best Quality Slow, Better Quality Medium and Line Drawing. Depending on the time you have and what it is you might need, you can select which rendering option would work best for you.

Line Drawing

A line drawing is an illustration that enhances the visual communication of your layout. This type of rendering is perfect for communicating accurate and scaled information to your client without the distraction of finishes.

This helps you generate and refine new ideas and solutions when working with a designer. This type of rendering option is great for presentations, spot renderings and C.O.M materials.

Good Quality Fast

Good Quality Fast allows you to create renderings in a matter of seconds. This is recommended if you are client facing and are on a time limit. This type of rendering allows you to show your client their projects in real time, and includes finishes shown as well as lighting for depth.

Better Quality Medium

Better Quality Medium is a great in-between of Good Quality and Best Quality. This type of rendering allows you to show your client their projects in real time (takes a bit longer than Good Quality Fast) and includes finishes shown as well as lighting for depth.

Best Quality Slow

Best Quality Slow allows you to create the best presentation renderings. This is recommended if you have an XRPro license or a bit of extra time. If you have an XRPro license this rendering option will utilize our cloud renderer, if you do not have an XRPro license but you have some extra time to spare, this will utilize the rendering engine found within the app and it will produce a rendering with the finishes looking more texturized and the diffused shadows will provide a crisper image.

We recommend using this rendering option if you are working on creating a rendering package for your client.

Saving + Deleting your Renderings

To access the renderings that you have created, tap on HD Render > View Previous Renderings

To delete a rendering, tap on the delete button.

To save the rendering to your iPad or email it to your client, click on Export > Copy to Photo Library or Email.

All exported images will be found on your Windows 10 device, in your Pictures Folder. You will see that KITS Mobile has created a folder where you will be able to find your exported renderings.


You will be able to create endless renderings of your projects and in different perspectives. You can utilize the different views in KITS: 3D View, Plan View and Elevation View to create a full rendering package.

3D View

Plan View

Elevation View

Include 2D Environment

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