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Starting a New Project

Welcome to the Scene Builder

You’ve successfully synced manufacturer catalogs, now it’s time to start your first project! Tap the + icon from your home screen to open the scene builder for a new project. This is where you will work on layouts and interact with furniture pieces to present solutions to your clients.

Project Name
Floor Grid
Action Buttons
Camera Buttons
Hand Gestures
Saving Your Project

First Step: Name Your Project

Every project you start will be named New Project. We recommend assigning a unique project name based on either your client, the layout, or specific naming conventions used by your team. This will also help you find your project among all others when searching in the Project Gallery screen.

Using the Floor Grid

Each project will have a default 30 ft x 30 ft floor grid. You can always customize the size of your grid by tapping on the Gear Icon in the top right corner and accessing your Project Settings. This will help with space planning your project for specific client requirements. For accuracy, 1 square on the floor grid is equivalent to 1 sq ft.

Although you have the ability to turn your floor grid off, it’s important to keep it on because the floor grid provides an area for you to place your furniture items in the scene builder. This relates to how you view your scene using the different camera views. Avoid placing items outside your floor grid as the camera views may not position properly around them.Learn more about using the floor grid >>

Action Buttons & Camera Buttons

We have kept things simple when it comes to building a scene. With a mix of touch-screen hand gestures and straight-forward controls, it’s easy to navigate KITS without formal training.

On the left side of your scene builder, there are 7 action buttons. On the right, there are 4 camera buttons.

Action buttons will allow you to add and interact with furniture items or typicals. Here is a quick breakdown of each function:

  • Select+: Select multiple furniture items to move simultaneously or to isolate for grouping
  • Add Item: Access the Add Item menu to browse catalogs for items and typicals to add to your scene
  • Remove: Delete an item from your scene
  • Up/Down: Raise and lower items (this button is only available for Windows 10 users)
  • Group: Group together items that are selected
  • Ungroup: Separate items that are grouped together
  • Duplicate: Create a duplicate of the selected item

Camera buttons will change your view of the scene. See your furniture from a top-down camera with Plan View to help align items. List View provides all the details you need for the entire project. 3D View is the default starting view when opening a project, and Elevation View helps to validate your project from a unique perspective.

Hand Gestures

The KITS collaborator utilizes touch screen hand gestures for navigation on iPad and Windows Surface devices. These gestures help users build and create layouts. There are 8 different gestures you will need to get comfortable with. They will allow you to move around furniture pieces, align items and position the camera for a better view. You can tap the Hand icon to review example animations of each gesture.

Touch Screen Hand Gestures:

  • Camera Rotate
  • Camera Pan
  • Camera Zoom
  • Item Move Horizontal
  • Item Move Vertical
  • Item Rotate
  • Drag Select
  • Multi Select

Learn about mastering these hand gestures >>

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

For KITS users on a Windows 10 device, users can utilize keyboard and mouse combinations for quick functionality. You can review this tutorial on how to perform these actions:

Saving Your Project

To save your project, tap on Projects in the top left-hand corner. This will prompt you to Save, Don’t Save or Cancel. Once you save your project, you will return to your Project Gallery Screen. Tap your saved project to open and continue working.