A Simple Website Configurator for Any Product

Drive sales and customer engagement with our powerful, all-in-one solution.

All Your Product Options, Ready to Explore

Your Products in 3D

Any product in any number of configurations, presented online where your prospects can engage and interact. The KiSP configurator is a full interactive 3D solution where you can all aspects of your products directly from within your browser.

Raise the Realism with AR

Let customers visualize and experience your products virtually in their own space to help them make faster decisions and buy with confidence.

Powerful Marketing

Generate high quality customized product images, information sheets and sharable links for prospects and social media marketing channels. Enhance your brand and gain powerful communication opportunities to re-engage them.

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Meeting Client Expectations

Asking your clients to “picture it” is no longer a fair expectation. As new visual technologies emerge, your clients expect to see and try something before they buy it. With KiSP’s 25+ years in the visualization and technology arena, we can help you set up a simple to use configurator that moves your customers down the sales funnel – and is simple for you to implement and inexpensive to own.

Future-Proof Design

We’ve been working in visualizations for a long time, and we’re always looking for what’s next. We’ll be here to help you update your configurator and expand its usage into VR, AR, 3D models and whatever comes next. Our powerful Data Creation tools and Services ensure your configurator is always up to date.

Budget Friendly Options

Get started with a single product or product line and add over time or do the whole project at once – we’ll work with you to create a project plan that produces ROI fast for less than you might expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The KiSP Configurator is quoted on a per site basis and is charged at a convenient monthly fee much lower than many of our competitors. There are literally no restrictions to how many products you would like to showcase as our simplified, ‘no hassle’ pricing is based upon expected traffic and downloads.

Your Configurator is driven by your product data. When you make changes to prices, swatches and more in our data publishing platform – whether you manage the updates directly, through KiSP services or your own Data Creation partners.

The KiSP Configurator is compatible with all major web platforms. The central service and your product data is hosted in our secure facility with direct access links embedded into your own website.

To view and interact with an AR Experience, you need a smartphone or tablet. On most smartphones, you can simply open your camera app and point it at an empty floorspace to place the object virtually into the intended space.

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