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Success Story: Jamie

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“In my career I sell furniture and The KITS collaborator makes not only my job easier, but it also helps me to be more successful. When selling furniture showing someone a catalog of finishes and asking them to use their imagination on what it will look like on their furniture, doesn’t help much. However, thanks to KITS I can visually create the exact dimensions of the room, add and arrange the products how the customer desires, and in the fabrics and finishes they want to see it in all in a matter of minutes. The KITS collaborator creates high quality images in a matter of seconds to show my customer. Once they can see exactly what their office is going to look like they instantly know if they want to change anything because they can see how it will look. My favorite part about The KITS collaborator is that it also includes a Build of Materials with images and prices that I again can show or send to my customers with ease. The program is easy to install and even easier to use. Thank you for making my job easier and myself more successful!”

– Jamie |Lewiston-Auburn, ME