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Success Story: Lucinda

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“Through the years I have gone through many software changes in the industry and have recently been introduced to TheKITS collaborator app. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this software! It is one of the BEST software applications I have ever encountered. I use this app on just about every appointment and close just about every job with it.

Recently on a bid, our firm was selected based on the presentation using the app, without even knowing the final price of the project.

The app is super easy to use and I can not believe how up to date it is! The fabrics are 100% true to the actual sample. I have been trying to get other designers and sales people on the same page as well.

Enough bragging about the software. The service and support folks go over and beyond their call of duty to help with any questions or issues when I call them. The service is superior!

What sense of pride and accomplishment I get when I see my client’s face light up when they see their new space right before their eyes!”

– Lucinda | Charleston, WV