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Accepting Shared Projects + Sharing Projects [iPad]

The KITS collaborator makes it easy to connect with your team and share projects you have created. You can share and accept projects with any KITS user, from any device. That means if you have an iPad and your colleague is running KITS on a Microsoft Surface, you can share projects back and forth.

Sharing your Project in KITS

When you’re ready to share your project out to your coworker:

  1. Tap on the Share Icon
  2. Tap Share Project

  1. You will be prompted to save your project, Tap Save to continue
  2. Add the recipients email address and add any comments you would like to include. To send the project to multiple people, simply separate the email addresses with commas. To continue, tap Share. Please note: You will only be able to share this project with email addresses that are associated with KITS licenses. If you enter in an email that has not been registered, you will receive a warning.

  1. Once your project has been exported successfully, tap OK to return to your project. The recipients will receive an email from

Accepting a Shared Project

  1. You will receive an email from Here you will find all the project details such as: Project Name, Comments, and a URL to the shared project. Tap on the link to continue. Please Note: The shared project link will expire in 30 days.

  1. Your default internet browser will open a page to confirm that the shared project has been accepted. You will need to follow the on-screen instructions (Step 3 + 4) to complete the process.
  2. Open KITS on your iPad and tap Sync from the Project Gallery screen. You will also notice your Notification Bell will show an alert that ‘You have accepted shared projects that have not been synced down to this device’. You can also tap on Sync Now from your Notifications drop down message to complete this step

  1. From the Catalog Subscription Screen, tap on Sync Now and allow KITS to run a complete sync. Sync time will vary depending on the date of your last successful sync and depending on which syncing option you chose. You can also sync projects from the Manage Project Screen.

  1. After the sync has been successful, you can now tap Projects from the top navigation menu to return to your Project Gallery Screen. The project that has been shared with you will appear as the first thumbnail on this screen. You will also have access to all past renderings generated by the owner of the KITS project.

Please note: If you go into the Project Settings of the shared project, you will see project share information listed.