The KITS collaborator™ – Mobile Sales Platform for Windows 10 

You will be redirected to a Dropbox link to download the Beta Version of The KITS collaborator.
If you have any difficulties with the installation process, please contact our technical support team.

Surface Device Requirement

The KITS collaborator for Windows 10 is compatible with all devices in the Surface family. For optimal results, we recommend the Surface Pro – Intel Core i7 (256GB SSD / 8GB RAM).

If you’re on a budget, the Surface Pro – Intel Core i5 (128GB SSD / 4GB RAM) is available at a lower price point and is an appropriate option if the device is not your primary laptop/tablet in one.

Keep in mind, the more hard disk space and RAM available, the better performance you will experience.

Surface Accessories

We recommend purchasing the Surface Pen and keyboard (either a Surface Signature Type Cover or a generic USB keyboard) for optimal performance.

To speed up your sync time, we suggest picking up the Surface Ethernet Adapter. This will significantly reduce your wait time while syncing catalogs so you can get to the fun part of building layouts faster.

Limited Features

The Beta version of The KITS collaborator™ – Mobile Edition for Microsoft® Windows®  10 is a limited feature set. At this time, KITS will not include the following features: 

  • HD Render>  Better and Best quality
  • HD Render>  Line Drawing
  • Export to Inscape FireLink
  • Connect a Project to a CRM account:   Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Take a photo
  • Object Removal in a photo
  • Floor Removal in a photo
  • Calibrate a photo
  • Multi-select drag

Quick FAQ

What credentials do I sign in with?
Our team will provide you with a new username and password to use when signing into KITS on your Surface.

What happens to my current KITS Mobile account on my iPad?
Your KITS Mobile license remains active on your iPad and is separate from your Beta account. You can continue to use KITS Mobile while testing on your Surface. You can even share projects between accounts.

Can I continue working on my Surface while KITS is running?
Yes! You can minimize KITS and the program will continue to run in the background. Your sync will not be interrupted and when you open KITS, you will resume where you last left off.

Should I use KITS while connected to WiFi or Ethernet?
We highly recommend syncing manufacturer catalogs while you are connected to an Ethernet adapter. If you’re working on projects and creating renderings, a wifi connection will work great.

How do I provide my feedback?
We appreciate any comments, suggestions and feedback from our Beta Testers. To submit your feedback, please contact our support team at or +1 416-499-2457, Press 1.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using KITS with a keyboard and mouse? Download our PDF Guide for Keyboard Shortcuts

View Guide

Contact Us

For questions, comments, and feedback, please reach out to a member of our Beta Team:

Technical Support

The KITS Team
+1 416-499-2457, Press 1

Franklin Harwart

Product App Specialist
+1 416-499-2457, ext. 2207

Cristina Law

Director of Support
+1 416-499-2457, ext. 2218