Catalog Subscription Screen: Pin and Organize Manufacturers

The new update for KITS includes enhancements to the Catalog Subscription Screen and introduces tooltips in KITS..

To update your KITS App, click here and follow the prompts.

With the new update, you are now able to Pin your manufacturers and organize the manufacturers catalogs. To access the new features, click on the Sync button in the Project Gallery Screen.

To pin a manufacturer, hover the mouse over the publisher list to find the manufacturer you want to pin.  The manufacturer will highlight in bold indicating the current manufacturer you are on.  To the right of the manufacturer, beside the manufacturer’s catalog quantity, is a new pin icon.

Clicking on the pin icon will move the manufacturer up to the top of the Publisher list. Your pinned manufacturers are organized alpha-numerically and are separated with a solid line from the remaining unpinned manufacturers.

Catalog Subscription Screen – Searching and Filtering Manufacturers Catalogs

When looking at the Manufacturers catalogs, you are able to filter your catalogs by status. By default, the status is set to All Catalogs, but you are able to filter by Download Available, Update Available and Is Publishing.

To organize the catalogs by name, hover over the catalog name and the tooltip will appear.  Double-click and the catalogs will now list alphanumerically in ascending or descending order.

To organize the catalogs by catalog code, hover over the catalog code on the right side and the tooltip will appear. Double-click and the catalog codes will now list alphanumerically in ascending or descending order.

Once you organize by catalog name / catalog code for a manufacturer, if you click into a different manufacturer the organizational behavior will carry over. If you close and reopen your app the organizational behavior for manufacturers will reset back.

To search for a catalog within a manufacturer, click on the manufacturer and use the search bar to type in the catalog name or catalog code. As you type, smart filtering will refine the catalog list to indicate typed letters found in either the catalog name or code.

To search for a catalog from all of the manufacturers that are available, click on Publisher.