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Choosing a VR Headset

To view your KITS project in virtual reality, you will first need to download the Yulio Viewer app on your phone or headset. Your device will also need to be a current generation smartphone with one of 5 app app stores: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Oculus Store, Gear VR Store, Google Daydream.

Most VR headsets will have dual lenses internally that splits the display from a phone screen between the viewers eyes to create 3D visuals. When looking for a VR headset to purchase for client meetings, keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. Look for a VR headset that does not need a connection to a PC or console. Wire-free headsets are best for travelling and wont interfere with the experience.
  2. Removable straps gives a light, comfortable fit. Sometimes its better to give your client the option of holding the device up rather than strapping it on.
  3. Larger lenses widen the field of view, making the VR experience more immersive.
  4. Make sure the headset is compatible with a variety of devices / smartphone models, especially the device you will be pairing it with.
Recommended VR Headset: Oculus Go

Oculus Go Features:

  • Stand-alone VR headset, does not require a PC, phone or wires
  • Effortless controller to navigate through the interface
  • Built-in audio provides immersive sound without the need for bulky headphones (includes 3.5 mm audio jack)
  • Clear optics and enhanced 3D graphics add to the quality of the viewers experience

Learn more about the Oculus Go here.

Other VR Headset Options

There are a variety of options in the market for VR gear to accompany the KITS Mobile XRPro Viewer app. Each at different price points that come with their own unique pros/cons. If you’re planning on using your smartphone to view VR scenes, here are a few different brands: