Getting Started with KITS XRPro and Oculus Go

With The KITS collaborator XRPro Edition, you can transform your furniture layouts into virtual reality experiences for your clients to explore. Through our partnership with Yulio Technologies, you can view VR panoramas created in KITS on your compatible smartphone or an Oculus Go headset.

Currently, you will need an Oculus Go, Google Cardboard or Homido MINI to get the most out of your VR projects. In addition, youll need one of these smartphones:

Oculus Go
– Headset only no device needed

Google Cardboard
– Samsung Galaxy S5/S6
– Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 Edge
– Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5
– Nexus 5/6
– iPhone SE
– iPhone 6/6s
– iPhone 7
– iPhone 8
– iPhone X

In this article we will be focusing on the Oculus Go – how to configure a new device, how to download the Yulio Viewer application, and how to pair your device to a Yulio account.

Pre-Configure Your Oculus Go Device

With a new Oculus Go headset, you will first need to initialize your device. This includes pairing the headset to your phone, setting up wifi networks and controller, and navigating the oculus store. We highly recommend following this easy setup guide provided by Oculus.

Once you have initialized your device, the next step is to download the Yulio Viewer App from the Oculus Store.

Downloading from the Oculus Store

You can download new content for you Oculus Go from either your phone (that is paired to your headset) or directly from within the device.

From your Oculus Go or the Oculus app on your phone, select Store from the bottom menu. Here you can search for applications available to download onto your device. Search for Yulio and select Free.

Note: If you have any trouble with downloading new content to your Oculus Go, put your Oculus Go headset on and check the Not Installed section of your Library to view content you’ve added or purchased that hasn’t finished being downloaded yet.

Pairing Your Oculus Device to Yulio

Now that you have your Oculus Go setup and ready, you will need to connect the Yulio Viewer app to your account so that VR panoramas can be transferred from KITS to your device.

If you do not have a Yulio account, you can start a Free Trial here or you can view pricing for a new plan here.

If you already have a Yulio account created, you can proceed with pairing your device.

Login to Yulio and select Manage Device from the top navigation bar. This will take you to a page displaying all of your connected devices. Click on Connect A Device to continue.

Next you will need to get a 3-digit pairing code from the Yulio Viewer app downloaded on your Oculus Go. Open the app on your headset and look down to find the Connect icon. Gaze at the icon to load a pairing code.Enter this pairing code in the pop-up box on the Yulio website and then select the blue Enter button.

If the pairing code is entered correctly, your device will be successfully connected to your Oculus Go.

Now that your Oculus Go is configured and you have the Yulio app installed and paired with your account, its time to start sending VR Panoramas from The KITS collaborator directly to your device.