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Here’s What You Need to Know About Syncing

The sync function allows you to manage your catalogs, download the latest gallery updates and backup and restore your projects to and from the cloud. Running a complete sync on a daily basis is very important and we highly recommend you incorporate syncing into your daily routine.

Benefits of Syncing Daily

+ Syncing will save your projects to the cloud, protecting you from losing any of your work

+ Manufacturer catalogs are improved and updated regularly, you’ll be working with the most up-to-date information each time you sync

+ Downloading catalogs and updates incrementally rather than all at once means you save time on your sync

WiFi vs. Mobile Data Syncing

KITS does not limit you to a specific type of internet connection for syncing. Keep in mind, syncing using mobile data may be restricted by your mobile and/or corporate network. Usage fees may apply, check with your network provider and/or administrator before syncing with mobile data. We advise syncing on a stable WiFi connection.

Click here for more information on Syncing with Mobile Data.

Having Sync Issues?

There are a few different reasons why your sync may be interrupted, slowed down or stopped completely. Here are some helpful suggestions to improve your syncing experience:

+ You must be connected to a strong and stable Wi-FI when syncing. Public networks or hot spotting will give you a slower connection resulting in interruptions, so we recommend syncing when you are at work or at home.

+ Check that your KITS software has been updated to the latest version. We are always working on improving your experience and will provide new app versions on a regular basis. A notification in the iPad App Store, updates to the Windows 10 Version page, and emails from our team will let you know when a new version is available. To find the version you are currently running open any project, click/tap on the Gear Icon in the top right corner and select About at the bottom of the screen.

+ For iPad users, remember to keep your Auto-Lock setting to “never” or delay as long as possible. When your iPad locks your sync is paused and will only resume when you return to the app

+ Depending on your Wi-Fi environment, you could briefly lose connection without noticing. This would cause the sync to freeze and the graphic sync counter would stop. If this happens, tap on Projects to leave the Catalog Subscriptions screen and then tap on Sync to return to your sync progress

Quick Tip…Sync only what you need rather than everything at once. It’s great to have all your favorite manufacturers ready at your fingertips but catalogs include hundreds of furniture symbols, swatches and product information. The more you sync at once the longer it will take!

If you’d like to learn more about the sync function and how to manage your catalogs, check out this tutorial video: