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How to add an Item/Typical [iPad]

Once you’ve started a New Project, its time to add items to your scene. You can add individual furniture items, pre-configured typicals, KOE items (such as people, plants, and walls), KRF items (such as residential furniture and dcor) and Freeform Items.

To Start, tap the Add Item button found to the left of the scene builder.

When you first open the Add Item screen, the catalog filter will appear automatically. Here you can browse the manufacturer catalogs you are subscribed to and have synced.

Advanced Search Filters

You can use the advanced search filters to narrow down your selection, especially when you are trying to navigate hundreds of digital catalogs. There are 4 ways you can search for items or typicals:

  1. Search by Manufacturer Catalog / Planning Typical Gallery
  2. Search by Price
  3. Search by Type
  4. Search by Description, Model Number or Typical ID




Searching by manufacturer will limit your selection to the products available by that specific manufacturer. You can filter by price, simply tap and drag the price meter to narrow down products within a certain range. You can also select which type of products (Items, Typicals or both) if youre looking through all your synced catalogs and galleries.

When it comes to searching by description, there are a few things to keep in mind. KITS will match the word or collection of keywords you enter to the item/typical’s brief description or details. We recommend knowing the keywords that the manufacturers that you work with use, for better efficiency.

For Example, if you search private, you will notice the first two typicals have the word Private in their brief description.

Tap an item or a typical once for more options like Add to Project or Details*.

*Details for Typicals will contain the marketing information that is also found directly on the manufacturers website

Tap the item or typical once more and you will enter Full Screen Mode, hiding all options and details to remove distractions when presenting to clients.

When viewing an item or typical, you can tap the arrows on either side to scroll through the different search results.

Add Freeform

Click Here to learn more about Freeform Items.

Adding to your Scene

To add an item or a typical to your scene, tap on the Plus Icon from the thumbnail Gallery View or tap Add to Project from the top navigation bar when you are viewing an individual Item or Typical.

These buttons will direct you to the scene builder where you can drag* the item into your scene.

*To drag an item or a typical into the scene builder, tap and drag the image onto the floor grid.

That’s it! Now you can continue adding furniture to your scene to create unique solutions for clients. Your next step is to specify the fabrics and finishes to the items in your scene. To learn how to specify, click here.