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Introducing Improved Sync and Archived Projects

KITS Version 2.5 Coming Soon!

For Windows 10 users, KITS version 2.5 brings an improved experience to help manage your projects and speed up the sync process.

Syncing Catalogs and Projects

From the Catalog Subscription screen, you now have the option to sync Catalogs only, Projects only, or All Catalogs and Projects. This allows you to sync data depending on your priority and the time you have available to run a complete sync.

Syncing Individual Catalogs

A new feature introduced in KITS version 2.5 is the ability to sync one catalog at a time. This means you can download a manufacturers catalog without syncing all projects or downloading updates for other catalogs you are subscribed to.

This is helpful when you want to to quickly access a manufacturers catalog for a project you are working on, but do not have additional time to run a complete sync.

To sync an individual catalog, tap the download icon beside the catalog. KITS will start a synchronizing session and when completed, you will see a blue check-mark icon beside the catalog you have successfully synced.

Note: this type of syncing will only download data from one catalog. This will not update other catalogs or sync projects to the cloud.

Managing Projects and Archiving

With this new software update we have also introduced a new feature to help better organize your projects. The Manage Projects screen sorts your projects into Synced Projects and Archived Projects.

Synced Projects are all projects in your KITS account that are currently downloaded to your device.

Archived Projects are projects that are accessible from our cloud storage, that are not downloaded onto your device. All projects older than 90 days are automatically moved from Synced to Archived.

This new feature helps to control the storage on your device. By archiving older projects, you can also speed up the sync time by only updating the projects that are currently active.