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Item Quick Sheet [iPad]

The Item Quick Sheet is great for getting a closer look at the details of an item in your project.

To create an Item Quick Sheet, double-tap on an item in the scene builder and open the Edit Item menu.

To get the image of the item ready for the Item Quick Sheet, pinch to zoom the item and set the perspective. This will be the way it will show in the Item Quick Sheet.

The Item Quick Sheet is customizable, and you can choose to include information such as:

Model Number / Catalog ID
– Options & Finishes
– Product Details
– Pricing
Discount %
– Notes

To hide information, Tap on the toggle to turn it off.

When youre ready with your Item Quick Sheet, you can either print the Quick Sheet or send it as a PDF directly from the KITS App.

The Item Quick Sheet is a branded document, so you will find your contact information on the bottom left corner of every page.

To update or change your current contact information on the Quick Sheet you can call or email our technical support team at:

Call: 1-416-499-2457, Press 1

Please Note: Quick Sheets created in KITS are NOT quotations. All prices are approximate and are for budgetary purposes only.