KITS has been amazing in closing my sales. Customers love that I can provide them with a quick drawing at the end of our meeting so they can visualize what they will be getting.
-Sylvia (Boston, MA)

I used KITS to detail out a small reconfiguration for a client when they asked for two stations to be moved from one run to another, due to the size of their teams being realigned in a certain department. It helped the customer to understand better, and even clarified it for our team in regard to the allocation of time and components needed. Thank you KiSP – I’m a KITS lover.
-Laura (Houston, TX)

KITS has been a fantastic resource for me in the Boston and New England market.  I use it all the time to help drive sales by providing quick renderings and specifications to design firms and our dealers.  It’s the perfect resource for a busy and on the road sales rep.
-Andy (Boston, MA)

Impress with Environments

I had a small opportunity for some seating in an office building lobby here in Pittsburgh. Met with the client and discussed their needs. Using KITS, I walked out to the lobby with the client, opened KITS and inserted some Global product. Using the environments, I took a picture of the lobby and inserted the product, in the correct finishes, on the fly. The clients were completely impressed. Had the deal closed and product order 2 days later. All because of KITS!   – Michael (Pittsburgh, PA)

* Rendering created by Michael (KITS Mobile user)

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