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Project Quick Sheet [iPad]

Once you have validated your project and created the renderings, youre ready to share your project with your client!

To create a Project Quick Sheet, tap on the share icon in the navigation bar at the top and select Create Quick Sheet.

KITS will prompt you to save your project before continuing, tap save and the Project Quick Sheet window will open.

With the Project Quick Sheet, you will have more options for customization than with the Item Quick Sheet. You can choose to include information such as:


Project Name > This will not affect the name of the project, only the top of the Quick Sheet


Rendering > You can include ONE rendering that you have created in KITS to be on the first page of the Quick Sheet


List Prices > On by default, shows the item pricing and total project pricing
Discount > Adds a global discount to entire project (Will discount items further if youve already configured item pricing)
Custom Sell Line Item > Allows you to include concrete pricing (Can include S/H, Installation, Delivery, Garbage Removal, etc.)


Notes > Notes will be found on the first page of the Quick Sheet, can include information such as clients contact / delivery information, discount breakdowns and any other important information for your client to see


Item Details > Shows the items that you have in your Project
Options & Finishes > On by default, you can choose to toggle off
Option Group > On by default, you can choose to toggle off
Thumbnails > On by default, shows the thumbnails of the items in your project
Tags > Toggle ON if you have included Item Tags that you would like to show in the Quick Sheet


List Price > On by default, shows the manufacturer’s list price
Unit Price > Shows the configured price of the item
Discounting > On by default, shows which items have configured pricing in green under EXTENDED, to remove the green text toggle OFF.

The Project Quick Sheet is a branded document with your contact information and dealer/company logo found at the bottom of every page.

If you would like to update or change your current contact information on your Quick Sheet, we can help!

You can call or email our technical support team at:

Call: 1-416-499-2457, Press 1


Please Note: Quick Sheets created on KITS Mobile are not quotations. All prices are approximate and are for budgetary purposes only.

Once you have completed the Quick Sheet you can either print it out or send it to your client from your KITS App.

Please Note: If you have to make any changes to your project, you will have to restart the Project Quick Sheet.