Quick Sheet – Multiple User-Generated Renderings [WIN10]

This feature allows the user to add multiple user-generated renderings to their Project Quick Sheet.

Under Visuals in the Quick Sheet menu, click HD Rendering to add your renderings.

The KITS rendering gallery will display all the created renderings as thumbnails.

In the KITS Renderings thumbnail gallery, you can add renderings to your Quick Sheet by:

Click on Select All box to select all renderings.

Clicking the Selection Box on the thumbnail image will select the rendering.

The images selected will be applied to the Quick Sheet in order of your selection. A number will appear at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail indicating the order of placement in the Quick Sheet. 

Click Back to return to the Quick Sheet PDF preview.

The quantity of renderings used will now be indicated under Visuals in the Quick Sheet menu. The first selected rendering will be set as the summary page’s rendering (title page) with the others following after the project details. 

The renderings will be displayed in landscape format with the user credentials, project name, and dealer logo displayed at the bottom. The date time stamp and page number of the Quick Sheet will also appear at the top right corner of the rendering.