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Specifying Options [iPad]

One of the great things about The KITS Collaborator is the ability to provide your client with all the fabric and finishes a manufacturer has available- in real time! With endless possibilities and combinations, it can feel a bit overwhelming. To narrow down your search for the right options you can utilize the filters in the Edit Item menu.

Please note: If you are having trouble finding where a particular fabric finish is, you can use the manufacturers websites to find which grade or color family a swatch or option name belongs to.

How to specify an Item:

  1. Double-tap on the item you would like to specify to open the edit item menu.
  2. Make sure that the options tab is open and tap on the first option.

  1. The Select Finish window will open
  2. Depending on what you are currently specifying, the option breakdown will vary (For this example, we will be looking at specifying a chair).
  3. The Select Finish window is split into two filters: Grade and Color

  1. Under Fabric you can narrow down options by Fabric Grade
  2. Under Color, you can click on the specific color(s) you are looking for (Great if you are working with a specific color scheme)
  3. The swatch results below will show you the finishes that meet your specific criteria.

Please Note: If you are working on an office space that will have items with the same options, by tapping Replace All at the top of the Select Finish Window, it will apply the options you have chosen for that item to any other item in your project that shares a similar specification structure.

If you have multiples of the same item that will have the same options, you do not need to select Replace All. To learn more about the Behavior in Project for items, click here.

Working in List View

If you are working in the List View, and you notice that certain items are missing specifications (This is indicated with the Item code being in Blue and you will see red question marks) you can open the edit item menu by double-tapping on the thumbnail of that Item.

If something is fully specified, the Item code will be in Green.