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Starting a New Project [iPad]

You’ve successfully synced manufacturer catalogs, now its time to start your first project! Tap on the + icon found in the top left corner of your Navigation Bar in your Project Gallery Screen to open the Scene Builder for a new project. This is where you will work on layouts and interact with furniture pieces to present solutions to your clients.

Scene Builder Layout

Every project you start will be named New Project. We recommend assigning a unique project name based on either your client, the layout, or specific naming conventions used by you or your team. This will also help you find your project among all others when searching in the Project Gallery Screen.

As a best practice we encourage everyone to tap back to projects and manually save the project. KITS will incrementally save in the background, so in case anything were to happen you would be able to open your project again. Even though KITS will incrementally save in the background, we recommend that once you make any important changes or additions to your project, that you manually save your project.

Icons in the Navigation Bar

1 – To manually save your project and go back to the Project Gallery Screen

2 – Share your project out as a Quick Sheet, to other KITS users or to your Design Team

3 – Explore our rendering options in KITS Line Drawing, Good Quality Fast, Great Quality Medium, Best Quality Slow and add an Environment Photo

4 – Hand Gestures to navigate the scene builder on an iPad.

5 – If you are ever stuck within KITS and you would like to see how something is done, you can find our basic tutorials under the Question Mark Icon.

6 – Set your Project Settings from floor grid size, SIF specifications, etc. (LINK THIS TO OTHER ARTICLE)

On the left side of your scene builder, there are 6 action buttons. On the right, there are 4 view buttons and 2 camera buttons.

Action Buttons

Will allow you to add and interact with furniture items or typicals. Here is a quick breakdown of each function:

Select+: Select multiple furniture items to move simultaneously or to isolate for grouping

Add Item: Access the Add Item menu to browse catalogs for items and typicals to add to your scene

Remove: Delete an item from your scene

Duplicate: Create a duplicate of the selected item

Group: Group together items that are selected*

Ungroup: Separate items that are grouped together*

*Typicals will come in grouped, to separate and work with items individually select the typical in your scene tap ungroup

View Buttons

Will change your view of the scene. See your furniture from a top-down camera with Plan View to help align items. List View provides all the details you need for the entire project. 3D View is the default starting view when opening a project, and Elevation View helps to validate your project from a unique perspective.

3D View

Plan View

Elevation View

List View

Camera Buttons

Lock / Unlock – Locks the floor grid in place*, however you will still be able to move the items in your project.

*Recommended for iPad users if there is difficulty with the hand gestures.

Reset – Will reset to your project if you find yourself in white space.

Hand Gestures

The Hand Gesture guide is found in the navigation bar.