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Syncing Manufacturers Catalogs [iPad]

With a KITS License you will have access to:

+ 1 Primary aligned manufacturer (Allsteel, Herman Miller, Teknion, etc.)

+ All other manufacturers currently in KITS (See full list here)

Manufacturer catalogs are continuously being added and updated for KITS. Email notifications are sent out when a new manufacturer is available but you can always check here to review the current Available Manufacturers list.

Requesting Access

If there is a manufacturer available that is not currently listed in your KITS App, you can Request Access here.

Syncing Catalogs

To sync catalogs on your iPad, you will need a strong and stable WiFi connection to complete the process. Once connected, tap on the Sync button in the Project Gallery Screen to access the Catalog Subscription Screen and tap on a Manufacturer under the Publisher List.

Depending on which manufacturer(s) are available to your account, you will also be granted access to sync manufacturer Planning Typicals. Once the manufacturer is selected, the catalogs will appear on the right side of your screen.

For a quick sync of one catalog or gallery, you can utilize the Single File Sync icon located next to the catalog code to the far right.

To do a mass sync, tap on the radio button beside the catalog/gallery you want to download, and it will turn blue with a white checkmark. This indicates a catalog is selected. You can either continue selecting catalogs/galleries* or you can begin the syncing process.

*Syncing and sync speed is dependent on the device and the connection speed of the wifi network KITS is connected to. We recommend selecting 3-5 catalogs/galleries per sync to ensure a smooth and quick sync speed. Ensure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and allow the sync to finish completely before exiting the application.

Once you select Sync Now, you have three different sync options: Sync All Catalogs and Projects, Sync Catalogs Only, or Sync Projects Only. This allows you to prioritize your sync.

After you have selected your sync preference, tap Sync Now to begin the sync process*.

*The sync is a two-step process that starts with the Data sync portion followed by the Graphic Sync. During this time you will not be able to navigate away from the sync screen until the syncing process is complete. If you navigate away from the App, you will have to restart the syncing process.

Removing Catalogs

To remove a catalog from KITS, tap on the blue radio button and it will turn white. This means the catalog is deselected and once you tap Sync Catalogs Only > Sync Now, KITS will remove all contents of this catalog from your device.

Notifications & Updates

Updates are in-app only through the Catalog Subscriptions screen or via the Notification Bell. Catalog and gallery updates can be seen on the Catalog Subscriptions screen and catalog/ gallery and project shares can be seen on the Notification Bell. If the Notification Bell indicates 1, then either catalog/gallery or a project share is available. If the Notification Bell indicates 2, then both catalog/gallery and project shares are available to be synced.

Tapping on the Notification Bell from the navigation bar will prompt a details window to open. Tap Sync Now to sync.

In the Catalog subscription screen, catalogs and galleries with an available update will have a red status notification line under the name. Continue to sync by tapping the Single File Sync icon or by selecting the appropriate sync option for multiple updates. If a catalog is available for download, you will see a blue status notification line. If there aren’t any updates for a catalog, you will see nothing in the status notification line. For seamless updates, ensure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi and allow the sync to finish completely before exiting the application.

For seamless updates, ensure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi and allow the sync to finish completely before exiting the application, otherwise you will have to restart the sync process.

Please Note: Once you have all your catalogs, galleries and projects synced, you wont need an internet connection to access those items in KITS as they will be saved on your device.