Tooltips in KITS

The new update for KITS includes enhancements to the Catalog Subscription Screen and introduces tooltips in KITS..

To update your KITS App, click here and follow the prompts.

To access the new Product Tooltip feature, once in the scene builder click on the gear icon to open the Project Settings. Under Layout Aids toggle on Display Product Tooltip.

The Tooltip allows you to hover over an item in your scene builder and see the key data. You will be able to see the manufacturer, item price, item description and the catalog ID.

To use the tooltip to see the full item specification, double-right click on an item. A window will open which will allow you to see the full specifications for an item, if there are missing specifications, like in the list view- you will see red question marks.

If you have exact duplicates of an item that you double-right click on, those duplicates will also highlight in blue.

If you have duplicates of items but they are with different specifications, the duplicates will not highlight in blue.

In a grouped setting, the item that you double-right click on will become the lead item and will highlight in green, while the remaining items in the group are highlighted in red.