Version Updates

Current Version

v. 3.1.16

Release Date: June 26, 2024

Enhance Your Sales Pitch: Enriched Collaboration with Image Annotation to Streamlined Sales

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature: Image Annotation! Now you can add notes, arrows, and highlights directly onto pre-rendered KITS 2D images for your projects. This streamlines your sales process and empowers you to create a more impactful experience for your clients. This feature is available now within The KITS collaborator™ – Mobile Edition platform.

Benefits for the Sales Lifecycle:

  • Effortless Customization: Showcase specific furniture features or layouts tailored to each client’s needs. Use arrows to call out ergonomic features, highlight space optimization with text boxes, or showcase color combinations with different colored annotations.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share annotated images with clients and colleagues to gather feedback and iterate on designs collaboratively. This fosters a more interactive buying experience and ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Improved Communication: Visually communicate complex ideas with ease. Eliminate the need for lengthy explanations by using annotations to point out key features and benefits.
  • Increased Efficiency: Save valuable time by eliminating the need to create custom mockups. Use pre-rendered images as a base and personalize them with annotations for a faster and more efficient sales cycle.

With Image Annotation, you can:

  • Close deals faster with a more interactive and engaging sales presentation.
  • Improve client satisfaction by ensuring a clear understanding of your furniture solutions.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration throughout the sales process.

Empower yourself with the power of visual communication!  Image Annotation empowers you to present solutions visually, personalize your approach, and ultimately close deals faster.

Try out Image Annotation today and experience a more collaborative and efficient sales process.

Get Started Today!

Adding annotations is simple and intuitive. Look for the new “Image Annotate” icon within the 2D Rendering Viewer. A side toolbar will appear with options for adding text, arrows, highlights, and more. You can also customize the color and style of your annotations for optimal clarity.

Learn how to use the Image Annotation feature like a pro! Check out our updated Knowledge Base website for detailed instructions.

We’re confident this new feature will transform the way you sell office furniture.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on best practices for using the Image Annotation feature. For any questions beforehand, reach out to our KITS Product App Specialist, Anna Shvedkina (

Previous Version

v. 3.1.12

Release Date: May 29, 2024

Minor Improvements:

  • Project Quick Sheet PDF output improved the header and footer text display.
  • Color filtering now works for all manufacturer catalogs that have this content assigned.
  • Updated DLL to avoid exception error in the scene that causes the app to crash.
  • Removed Item View setting from within the Project App Settings section.
  • Projects from a CET Project Share had the status of Archived once it was accepted. Fixed the status from Archived too Newly Added.


Version History



  • You are now able to select multiple user-generated renderings to be copied to your local computer’s Pictures>KITS Mobile folder.
  • Bulk delete multiple user-generated renderings in one click.
  • You can now include multiple user-generated renderings in a single Quick Sheet for your project.
  • You can also select the display sequence of each user-generated rendering to be displayed within the Quick Sheet. 
  • Multiple selected user-generated renderings appear at the end of the Quick Sheet in landscape orientation.
  • Changed the camera point of view to be close when you create a new project.
  • Add additional logging to assistance in troubleshooting.


  • Pin your favorite manufacturers for quick access to the top of the screen.
  • Perform a search by a Catalog Name or Catalog ID (code) across a single or multiple manufacturers from your list of publishers.
  • Sort by manufacturer catalogs by catalog name or catalog ID.
  • Filter By catalog status such as Update Available.
  • Under the Publisher section quickly search for manufacturer by typing in the first character values of the name.

A new global project setting has been introduced called Default Price Zone within a project. This allows you to set a default price zone value at the project level and have it automatically assign the correct List Price to any new product you add to the project.

When you specify a product within the KITS Mobile app it will automatically specify the List Price for the defaulted Price Zone assigned within your Project Settings. You can overwrite the defaulted price zone value at any time during the Add/Edit Item or the Configure Prices functions.

For those manufacturers that do not support Price Zones, the List Price will default to the current live List Price found in the catalog. For those manufacturers that may not support the default Price Zone value, KITS will assign the Price Zone 1 List Price. For example, Kimball International supports 6 price zones whereas HON only supports 5 price zones. If your project setting is set to a Default Price Zone of 6 and you add a HON product to the project, the assigned List Price for the product will default to Price Zone 1.

If you change the Default Price Zone setting to another value after you have inserted the product into the project, all those previous products will not be changed to the new default price zone. You will have to perform the global Configure Prices function within List View to make the appropriate changes.

Minor Improvements:

– Minor bug fixes.

v. 3.0.30

For those manufacturers that require to select the appropriate 3D graphic to match your item specification, we have introduced a new user interface to help better navigate the various Visual Option 3d graphics available for the selected model number. It also provides you with a complete item specification for your review.

Minor Improvements:

  • “Behavior in Project” properties can now be enabled while waiting for a response back from Steelcase’s Product Configurator Engine (PCE).
  • Background cleanup of CET resource files now occurs when you delete project(s) created via CET.

– Minor bug fixes.

v. 3.0.27

You are now able to fully specify on-demand Steelcase product that requires to be specified via the Steelcase Product Configurator Engine (PCE).

It now provides you with accurate option specifications and list pricing based on your product specification.

You must have your Wi-Fi enabled to take advantage of this more robust product specification from Steelcase.

Minor Improvements:

– Improved syncing capabilities to reduce your wait time.
– Installation setup allows you to pick what type of desktop notification location you want.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.8.41

Minor Bug: Some users were not able to print the Project or Product Quick Sheet documents directly to their printer.

This is now fixed.

v. 2.8.40

Minor Bug: Some users were experiencing the loss of product and swatch images from appearing within the Quick Sheet PDF document.

This is now fixed.

v. 2.8.36

The KiSP Extension for CET Designer:
+ Export CET drawing directly to The KITS collaborator
+ Send directly from CET software to your KITS Windows app

Available for KITS XRPro Edition subscribers:
+ Bring your projects to life using Augmented Reality! KITS XRPro Edition subscribers can create unlimited AR experiences directly from their KITS collaborator – Mobile Edition projects.
+ Send a URL link directly to your customer via SMS text message or email from within the KITS Mobile app.
+ You no longer need to use the KITS XRPro Viewer app to view newly created KITS AR experiences created within the KITS Mobile app. You can view it directly on your smartphone or within an internet browser.

Bring your KITS projects to life using AR:
+ Help answers questions about product fit, style, etc.
+ Help customers shop confidently with products brought to life in their own space.
+ No App is required to view your KITS-generated AR experience links.
+ Making your KITS projects more accessible on various smart devices.

360 Degree Views
+ View selected items directly in their own space.
+ Rotate, flip, zoom and view your products from every angle.
+ Support for Windows 11 OS is available.

Project Quick Sheet:
+ All products specified from the KITS Design Collection and the CET Design Collection catalogs can now be suppressed within the List View and Project Quick Sheet.

List View:
+ All products specified from the KITS Design Collection and the CET Design Collection catalogs can now be suppressed within List View.
+ Search box now also includes searching for the key search phrase within the TAG field, CET Adhoc items, and CET Grouped Items.

Minor Bug Fixes:
– Export SIF function was exporting Qty=0 values. This has been fixed.
– Product option descriptions that are long, now auto-wrap within the app interface.
– Import SIF now importing the Item Tag assigned to each product that is included within a SIF file. It rolls the Qty into one line within the List View for model #s that have identical options and finishes and Item Tag text.
– Scene Builder – certain 3D symbols were causing the app to crash. This has been addressed

v. 2.8.23

Project Quick Sheet:
+ Within the Item Details section, you can now toggle on/off the Unit Sell Price value to appear within the Project Quick Sheet
+ Import TAG info from a SIF has been cut off in the Project Quick Sheet for a line text

List View: There are 2 new changes within the List View user interface:
+ Introduced a new visual clue to the user. When a model number is 100% full specified the model number font color changes from black to green font.
+ Changed the user interface to column-based when displaying the model number options and finishes section.

SIF Import
– Import TAG info during a SIF file processing was cutting off long text from displaying in the Project Quick Sheet correctly. This has been resolved

– Minor Bug Fixes

v. 2.8.21

– Introducing the ability to import tagging information from one of the following tag fields:
+ Tag, Tag 2, Tag 3, Tag 4, Tag 5
+ Alias 1, Alias 2, Alias 3
+ Attribute
+Do not import
– Introducing a new Display Cost Price switch within the Project Settings screen
– Introducing new multiple pricing methods that can be assigned to an item within the Configure Price function
– These pricing methods can be set for catalog specified or freeform items:
+ List Price (List Plus, Flat Amount)
+ Sell Price (List Less, Flat Amount, Cost Plus %, Gross Profit %)
+ Cost Price (List Less, Flat Amount)
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.7.08

– Introducing a new automatic project pricing validation function. Each time you select to Create a Project Quick Sheet, Share a Project or Export AutoCAD (DXF +SIF) the configured List Price (Base List Price + Option Upcharges) for the item(s) found in your project will be automatically compared to your downloaded manufacturer’s catalog data on your device.  If there is a difference, a Pricing Discrepancy Warning is presented on screen.  You can either update the project price to match the manufacturer’s data found on your device or not update it.
– Import and Export DWG function: Now support AutoCAD Drawing file formats of:  AutoCAD 2018, 2013, 2010, 2007.
– Export function now outputs a DWG file of the project.
– Minor bug fixes.


v. 2.7.02
– Item Tagging: You are now able to add an identification tag to all objects found in the project. Tags can be used for identifying areas such as floors or departments, categories. These tags are visible within List View and Project Quick Sheet. If ‘Item Part Tagging’ is present in a project it is included in the project SIF file under the TG= SIF tag. Item Part tags can also be imported via SIF file into a project, if it is present.
– Import and Export DWG function: Now supports AutoCAD Drawing file formats of: AutoCAD 2018, 2013, 2010, 2007. Export function now outputs a DWG file of the project.
– Portrait Mode: You are now able to work in portrait mode within the KITS Mobile app. Note: All HD and VR Renders can only be performed in landscape mode.
– Minor bug fixes

v. 2.6.21
– Unit item pricing in Product Quick Sheet and Project Quick Sheet matched when different price zones are selected.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.6.19
– All elements found within the KITS Design Collections catalogs will be suppressed from appearing in a Project Quick Sheet PDF.
– Release of a new KITS Design Collection catalog called: KSD – KITS Social Distancing Elements
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.6.17
– Import AutoCAD (DWG + SIF): Import a DWG and/or SIF file partially or fully specified created in 2020 CAP Studio or Project Matrix. Import SIF files created by your business system such as CORE, Hedberg Data Systems, Khameleon or any other business system that can produce a SIF file.
– Carton/Package Quantity Count: Project List View is now aware of Carton/Package quantity counts, if the manufacturer has provided the specific data fields in their catalogs.
– Improved syncing capabilities reduces your wait time.
– Improved rendering output syncing capabilities reduces your wait time
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.5.25
– Minor bug fixes

v. 2.5.24
– Best Quality HR rendering- produces transparency for those model #s that have option IDs defined as glass, clear plastic, etc.
– Minor bugs fixes

v. 2.5.22
– Special characters in project name and text is now accepted:
French: é, è, à, ù, â, ê, î, ô, û, ë, ï, ç
Spanish:     á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡
– For XRPro license owners: if a valid Yulio license is detected, your VR Renders are posted directly to your Yulio account.
– Minor bugs fixes

v. 2.5.14
– Introducing new feature: Archiving Projects
– Improved syncing capabilities. Sync projects only, catalogs only, or both. Ability to also quick-sync one catalog at a time.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.93
– Object rotation in Scene Builder is now rotated by five (5) degree increments instead of fifteen (15) degrees.
– List View display of Price Zone/Price List setting enabled at project level.
– KOE elements in a project are no longer included in the SIF file, if the Hide Items from KOE setting is enabled in the project settings.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.88
– License Renewal Date (if applicable) now displayed in Project Settings> App Settings section. For manufacturer paid licenses N/A is displayed. License Renewal Data is based on the enterprise license renewal date.
– Items set with the Behaviour in Project>Visibility to hide will no longer show the bounding box when a user is in plan view mode.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.84
– HD Rendering in Plan View and Elevation View camera angle maintained.
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.76
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.72
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.71
– Minor bug fixes.

v. 2.4.61
– Best Quality render mode.
– Line Drawing HD render mode: render any project as a high quality isometric / line drawing.
– Minor bug fixes.