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XRPro Virtual Reality [iPad]

With the KITS XRPro Edition, you can present your solution to your client in Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel that they are immersed in their surroundings.

The purpose of VR when it comes to selling is to allow us to create a connection that is both impressively emotional and informative, allowing your clients to easily interpret what they see. We can now let our clients be fully engaged in a way we couldn’t just a few years ago. Allowing them to truly visualize and experience the furniture solutions we provide.

To view and edit your project in Virtual Reality, you will first need to enable KITS XR Mode on your account if you have an XRPro license. From the scene builder, tap the Gear Icon to access your Project Settings and toggle on the switch to turn KITS XR Mode ON. Then return to the scene builder.


To edit the VR environment, double-tap on VR environment in the scene builder.

The VR environment includes Paint, Concrete, Brick and Glass options for the walls. Carpet, concrete, laminate, tile, and wood flooring options.

To remove the wall(s), flooring and ceiling tap on the hide button.

*PLEASE NOTE: You can use KOE Items (architectural, office equipment, etc) and they will appear in the final VR Panorama.

Position the perspective view marker by rotating the marker using two fingers to your desired position.

To create the panoramas, tap on the KITS XR icon and chose from the two options below

Good Quality Fast, Best Quality Slow.


To view panoramas that were created, tap on KITS XR and go down to View Panoramas.

Here you can view a panorama file, copy links to share, or delete panoramas that are no longer needed.

To view the 360 panorama file of your project, you can either tap on the thumbnail image, the Panorama KITS VR link, or the Preview icon. Keep in mind, a Wi-Fi connection is required to successfully view your panorama.

After you tap to view your project, it will open automatically in fish tank mode within your default browser. This allows you to experience the scene as an interactive 360 panoramic directly in your internet browser (no need for a VR headset). To look around the scene, tap and drag your finger along the screen to change direction.

To view your panorama in Full Screen, tap the Full Screen/Expand icon. To exit Full Screen mode, tap the icon again.

To share your panorama, tap the Share icon. Enter a phone number to send the VR link via text message*. You can also use the social icons to share a link to your project on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email. If you already have a Yulio account, you can sign in for more options.

*Phone numbers entered are not collected or stored.

Viewing with a VR Headset

To view the project in Virtual Reality using a VR headset, from your browser, tap the Goggles icon and enter a phone number to send your panorama to a mobile device. When the project is successfully sent, you will receive a text message with a unique link to view the project. Following this link will open an internet browser to view your scene in VR, providing a 3-digit pairing code to use with your Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR. Following the steps, next you will need to open the Yulio Viewer app on your device. If you do not have this installed, your phone will direct you to the appropriate app store to download.

For more help with viewing your VR scene with a headset, our friends at Yulio have a helpful guide How to View a VR Project on My Phone.

Deleting a Panorama

There are two different ways you can delete panorama files from your KITS account. Keep in mind, deleted panoramas are instantly removed and are not retrievable. To delete a panorama, you can:

Tap the trash icon from under the Actions column to delete an individual panorama file

Tap the check boxes beside either one or multiple files, then tap Delete at the bottom of your screen to remove all the selected files from your account

Sharing a Panorama

You can share a link to your KITS VR Panorama file so that others can view your project from their device through an internet browser. From your Panorama Files screen:

Click the clipboard icon from under the Actions column to copy the link for an individual panorama file

Click the check boxes beside either one or multiple files, then click Copy to Clipboard at the bottom of your screen to remove all the selected files from your account