Your Key to Profitable Furniture
Management Services

SnapTracker™ offers a complete set of solutions for you to grow your business and stay profitable in the contract furniture industry.​

Harness the Power of the Circular Economy
with SnapTracker™

Revolutionize your sustainability efforts and unlock cost savings in contract furniture with SnapTracker. Our innovative tool empowers you to:
  • Embrace the circular economy: Extend the lifecycle of furniture through reuse, refurbishment, resale, or donation, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Meet sustainability goals: SnapTracker simplifies tracking and reporting, helping you achieve sustainability requirements and demonstrate your commitment to a greener future.
  • Reduce costs: Optimize furniture utilization and make data-driven decisions to save money on replacements and disposal.
Streamline Your Ecommerce Warehouse
Empower your ecommerce warehousing for peak efficiency and insightful decision-making.
  • Real-time inventory visibility: Accelerate order fulfillment and shorten delivery times.
  • Data-driven layout optimization: Minimize travel time and maximize space utilization.
  • Eliminate manual tracking: Streamline processes and reduce operational costs.
  • Actionable insights: Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Master the Basics
SnapTracker creates standards for bar coding, managing customer infomration, creating and managing product categories, managing condition reports, and transfer procedures.

Manage Inventory
Set min/max levels and generate reports, transfer contents by location or customer,  change standards or issue barcodes without losing history, and perform global edits.

Run the Warehouse
Track multiple customers in a building, assign locations like aisle, rack or bin, create and assign work order tickets and pick lists, catrue ins/outs and perform accurachy spot checks.

The Power of SnapTracker, In the Palm of Your Hand

Live Processing with the SnapTracker App lets your team process and validate records as they work.

Enhanced Work Order Ticket functionality allows you to view images, quantities on hand, locations of product, and filter data to find what you need instantly.

Advanced interface reduces errors, improves warehouse productivity, and provides up-to-date information from your database.

With an active internet connection you can upload as you go with mobile live processing. Save processing time or do a batch upload if you prefer.

As the Industry standard since 1993, we’ve cleared the hurdles for you.
And we’ll keep evolving.

SnapTracker Improves your workflow, across design, project management, internal and external customer teams.


Unlock Business Insights with Reports

SnapTracker™ offers user-friendly graphical reports, making it effortless for businesses to maximize the value of their furniture management endeavors. Its true strength lies in assisting corporate objectives like cost avoidance, workplace safety, compliance, and sustainability. With one-click access to a range of pre-built reports and the ability to create custom ones tailored to your needs, SnapTracker™ empowers you to stand out as a ‘high-value’ partner. Uncover actionable business intelligence and realize significant ROI with unique features like the Cost Avoidance Report, which showcases savings from furniture asset redeployment. In addition, support green initiatives and enhance decision-making by identifying items suitable for resale, donation, recycling, or disposal. Plus gain critical furniture management information at your fingertips, thanks to SnapTracker™’s customized reporting powered by SAP Crystal Reports.


Create and Operate your own 'Service Desk'

Variety of Service Forms
A range of form options are available – use the general request form, or the forms built for specific service types such as Move, Reconfigure, Space Planning, etc. Customized service forms are also available upon request.
Track Service Requests
From the moment a request form is submitted, SnapTracker™ starts to track it through review, pricing, approval, completion and report. The Service Order module creates all the paperwork needed to quickly facilitate the process.
Gain Performance Insights
A full set of comprehensive reports are available for you to effectively monitor performance and promptly respond to your clients’ questions. You also have the option to write custom reports to meet your special needs.

Build Your Own Intellectual Property with Content Portals

Elevate your customer experience by building unique, client-specific portal sites brimming with invaluable resources. These portals offer a comprehensive view of furniture investments, streamlining team collaboration and enhancing customer support. What’s more, the process is effortless since much of the needed information is readily available within your company. From isometrics of furniture standards to renderings, product guides and more, it’s all in one place, ensuring engagement and efficiency. You also have complete control over user access and permissions, granting you the authority to decide who can view, create, edit the content.


Elevate Efficiency, and Customer Loyalty

SnapTracker™ offers complete asset visibility, enabling you to provide an end-to-end furniture lifecycle management service that empowers your customers with valuable insights and cost savings. This transforms your warehouse from an ‘expense’ into a source of sustainable revenue and customer loyalty. Foster strong customer relationships for sustainable growth with real-time inventory visibility, cost-effective management, and smart decision-making. Plus, you’ll increase revenue, deliver added value, and maintain your competitive edge through our proven best practices methodology, designed to handle the complexities of the contract furniture industry. With features like compatibility with SIF files, a comprehensive work order module, barcode technology, and more, SnapTracker™ enhances asset management, while also offering supplementary revenue opportunities by integrating space planning, repair, refurbishment, and resale services.


Create client-specific e-Catalogs

Our SnapTracker™ e-Business solutions have set the industry standard for seamless e-Business operations. Whether it’s through direct requisition or e-Procurement integration, we empower you to offer your clients a customized and information-rich buying experience. Our e-Business solutions help your dealership secure new contracts, expand your customer base, and transition from a traditional offline enterprise to a high-growth online business. SnapTracker™ supports multi-currency transactions, simplifies approval processes, and offers fully customizable portals for an efficient and tailored experience.

Integrate with Major e-Procurement Systems

SnapTracker e-Business solutions connect and communicate with your clients’ e-Procurement systems, OCI-SAP or cXML-based, including Ariba, SciQuest, Oracle, PeopleSoft etc. for full “round trip punch-out” capabilities.

Easy Steps to Implement SnapTracker

Custom Training
Our expert team trains your staff on-site or through virtual consultations. We will work with you to identify key staff like “Inventory Team Leader”, “Gatekeeper” and “Auditor” and provides task-specific procedures.

Tailored Solution
Our goal is to analyze your specific operation and create processes and reports specifically tailored to your company’s and customer’s work style.

Learning Resources
SnapTracker™ documentation provides exhaustive background on best practices, nomenclature, usage, and operation of SnapTracker

Customer Support
Our responsible team of support specialists provides users with software help and industry knowledge to continue to receive maximum benefit from SnapTracker™

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