New Updates to HON Catalog May Affect Your Current Projects

A new update to HON catalogs will be waiting for you to sync on January 30th, 2017.

HON will be adding a laminate grading system to the majority of laminate products you currently access in your KITS Mobile app. This means you will need to specify the laminate grade prior to specifying the laminate color. For more information regarding this update you can read HON’s FAQ on Laminate Grading.

You will need to sync your KITS Mobile appafter January 30th for these changes to take effect. Once your HON catalogs are updated, you will then need to re-visit past projects with HON products and re-specify any laminate finishes, selecting the grade and color. If you’re new to KITS or unsure about syncing catalog updates, you can follow these simple steps:

1. If you’re already subscribed to HON catalogs, the Notification Bell will prompt you of any new updates. Tap on Sync Now or Sync.

2. From your Catalog Subscription screen, tap on HON under the Publisher list

3. “Download Available” in blue text will appear under each catalog when a new update is available. Tap on the Radio Button beside the catalog you wish to sync and then tap Sync Now. And that’s it! Remember, the more catalogs you select to update the longer it will take to finish syncing.