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Adding Freeform Items

Need to include an item that is no longer available in any current catalogs? Try out the Freeform Item feature. It’s also helpful for creating unique line charges, including ad hoc items and providing more information on c.o.m and specials.

How to add a Freeform Item to your project:
  1. You can start with a New Project or open an existing project. From within the Project Screen, tap on Add Item

2. This will open up the Add Item Menu. From this screen, tap Add Freeform

3. When the Add Item window appears, fill in all the necessary information for your Freeform Item Details. You can set a model number, description for the item, and a price. This information will be displayed on your Quick Sheet and your List View of the project. When you’ve included all required information, click/tap and drag the broken camera (no image) graphic into your project.

4. A confirmation message will appear: Item added – see List View. To view your Freeform Item, tap List View.

5. The List View of your project will sort items alphabetically. Scroll through the list to find your new Freeform. You can also set the model number of your Freeform with a specific character (such as ZZ) to keep all Freeform items contained at the bottom of your list.