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Calibrating an Environment Photo

What is an Environment Photo?

With The KITS collaborator you can create unlimited high quality renderings of the layouts you’ve created for your clients. Adding an environment photo to your rendering is a great “wow” feature that helps your client visualize your ideas and the new space, which may lead to a quicker sale.

The Environment Photo feature is unique to your device. For Windows 10 users, learn how to include environment photos and calibrate here. If you are using KITS on an iPad, start with our Closing the Sale with an Environment tutorial before continuing with calibrating.

Calibrating an Environment Photo (iPad Only)

Once you have taken an environment photo and added it to your rendering, your scene may look slightly out of scale. This means that your need to calibrate the photo, allowing KITS to determine the appropriate sale (to near accuracy) of your project. We’ve outlined the process of calibrating an environment to help you along the way.

After using your iPad camera to take an environment photo, the Preview Screen will appear. Next, tap Calibrate for advanced features. Now you can follow 4 easy steps to fully scale and calibrate your scene:

  1. Give a scale to an object in the photo, such as a door or file storage unit that can be measured. Enter the item’s height in the top left corner of your screen. For best accuracy, you may have to physically measure the object before proceeding.
  2. Tap and drag the 3D tape to align it a the base of the object. You can pinch to zoom for accuracy, or rotate the 3D tape with the rotate gesture to position its axis along the object you are scaling.
  3. Tap and drag the slider on the right side of your screen to scale the 3D tape and align it with the top of the object.
  4. When you are satisfied with the placement and size of the 3D tape, tap Done.

Now that you have successfully adjusted the environment photo, you can tap Use and the calibrated image will be inserted as a background to your built scene. Create renderings with an accurately scaled image, ready to impress clients.

For additional help, follow along with this quick tutorial: