Configuring Price Zones for Multiple Items

Note: This tutorial is specific to Manufacturers that provide US and CAD price zone options.

Need to quickly switch pricing from USD to CDN? Follow these easy steps to configure Item Pricing:

1. Tap on List View from the scene builder

2. Tap on the radio button beside MODEL to select all items in your project, or tap the radio button beside each individual item you would like to edit.

Note: What if the option to edit the price zone does not appear? Manufacturers catalog price zones differ and you must edit its items separately. By tapping All Catalogs, you can view a list of all the manufacturers catalogs with items currently in the scene. Select the catalog you wish to edit, and then repeat step 2 to select those specific items and continue.

3. Once you’ve selected the items, tap Configure Prices

4. This is the Item Configure Price menu, from here you can select a price zone, set an upcharge percentage and discount method. Tap Price Zone.

5. Here you will find different price zones based on what the manufacturer has provided for that catalog. Tap on the price zone you need for your project.

6. Tap Apply

And that’s it! The pricing for your items has now been updated to a new price zone.