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Displaying Price Zones on List View and Quick Sheet

With The KITS collaborator, you can provide your client with a quick estimation to help close the sale faster. Utilize the ‘Configure Pricing’ feature to add an upcharge percentage, discounts, or to use price zones set by the manufacturer.

When you are configuring price zones for items in your project, you have the option to hide or display price zones on your List View and Quick Sheet. Displaying price zones can help you keep track of the pricing you have set for your client.

Open a project and tap on the gear icon to access your Project Settings.

From the Project Settings screen, tap the switch to turn ‘Display Price Zone/Price List’ ON (the toggle will turn blue).

You can continue configuring pricing for your project and setting price zones. If you have toggled ‘Display Price Zone/Price List’ ON, you will now see a price zone appear under an item’s price on your List View.

You will also see price zones displayed on your Project Quick Sheet under each item in your project that has been configured.

To learn more about working with price zones for multiple items, check out our KC Article on Configuring Price Zones.