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Environment Photos [WIN]

With The KITS Collaborator you can create high quality white background renderings of furniture items and layouts, and you also can include an environment photo in your rendering which will help clients visualize your proposal in their space. You can choose from the sample environments provided, environment photos you have used in other projects, or even upload a photo of your client’s space directly into KITS.

Environments give depth and details to your rendering, helping your client visualize the final product.

To get started with Environment Photos, open a project, and click HD Render from the top navigation bar. From the drop-down menu, click Include Environment.

Next you will see 3 options for adding an environment. You can upload a photo from your device by clicking on the Camera Lens, or use the bottom navigation bar to access sample environments or an environment used from another project in your KITS account.

Uploading an Environment Photo

Click on the Camera Lens to start uploading a photo located on your device into KITS. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to search your computer for an image. Click on the image you would like to upload and click Open.

KITS will show you a preview of your photo before applying it to your scene. Click Back or Delete to cancel the upload and return to the previous screen. Click Use to apply the photo to your scene.

You will now see your current project placed in the photo you have uploaded. You will see new action buttons appear in the scene builder.

The Photo View Button will allow you to return to your environment photo if you jump between viewing your project in 3D white space, Plan, Elevation or List View. To use Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts to jump between the different views, click CTRL + 1-5.

To further customize the perspective of your scene inside the new environment, you will see 4 environment buttons on your screen. Use these buttons to raise, lower and tilt your furniture items to manipulate the images perspective.

Once you have set the proper perspective, click HD Render and choose the rendering option which works best for you.

As a best practice, if there are other items in your environment photo, you can use them as reference for the size of your project.

Taking the Right Photo

When adding an environment photo to your scene, keep in mind that KITS cannot change the scale or manipulate the perspective of the original image. Its important to capture your clients space using the proper criteria to help with the final rendering. We suggest going over our tips and tricks when it comes to taking an environment photo so you can get comfortable with this feature.