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Freeform Items [WIN]

The ability to add in a Freeform Item in KITS is helpful for creating unique line charges (Ad-Hoc, C.O.M, Specials, etc). The item will be visible in the List View and the Project Quick Sheet, but it will not contain a graphic image.

How to add a Freeform Item

  • With your project open, click on the Add Item button found to the left of the scene builder
  • From the Add Item Menu, click on Add Freeform

  • When the Add Item window appears, fill in the necessary information for your Freeform Item Details. You can set a model number, description for the item and price. This information will be displayed in your List View and your Project Quick Sheet. When you have included all of the required information, drag the broken camera (no image) graphic into your project.

  • A confirmation message will appear: Item added see List View. To view your Freeform Item, click List View.

  • You will be able to edit freeform items from the List View. Simple double click on the item code at the bottom of the line and the Edit Item menu will open.
  • The List View of your project will sort items alphanumerically. Scroll through the list to find your new Freeform item(s).
  • If you are adding a COM for an item, we recommend naming the freeform ITEMCODE.COM, so the COM charge will be directly under that item
  • If you are adding additional Line charges (Freight, Installation, Terms, etc.), we recommend adding specific characters (such as ZZ Ex. ZZZ1. FREIGHT) to keep all Freeform Items (Charges, Notes, etc.) contained at the bottom of your list.