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Item Tagging

Item Tagging allows you to add identification tags to all items found in your project. These tags can be used in many ways like identifying areas on plan where furniture will be installed.

To activate Item Tagging, click on the Project Settings on the top right in the Navigation bar of your Scene Builder.

Tap or click the control switch to activate Add/Edit Tagging under the List View Settings.

Tap or click on List View to view the line item list view of your project.

You will now have blank tag lines beneath each item. Tap or click on the line and add your tag.

When you are ready to share your estimation with Quick Sheet, the tags will be visible under each item listed. Note: if you have added tags to KOE items, you will not see them listed as KOE items are suppressed and are not visible on the Quick Sheet.

Import and Export with Item Tagging

If you export a project with item tagging as a SIF file, the item tags will be found under the TG-SIF tag.

If you import a SIF file into KITS that contains tagging, those tags will also import into KITS and appear in the tag field under List View as well as the project Quick Sheet.