Keeping Your Projects Organized

Ever find yourself in an endless scroll when looking for past projects? If you’ve noticed the number of projects in your gallery screen has jumped from 10 to 300, it might be time to get organized.

To keep your KITS account running smoothly, it’s important to remove any projects that are no longer needed. This will clear space on your device for future projects and renderings. If you are using KITS Mobile on an iPad, don’t forget to clean up the renderings saved to your gallery. Another way to stay organized is by creating folders. Grouping projects by client name, floor plan size or even by manufacturer will help you find what you’re looking for faster.

Deleting Old Projects

To delete projects from your account, first open the Project Gallery Screen; this is where you manage your projects.

Tap* and hold the project you would like to delete, this will create a blue outline and the selected thumbnail will shake. Now in edit mode, you can duplicate or erase the project.

*If you are using KITS with a keyboard and mouse, left-click and hold a project to enter Edit Mode.

Use the icons at the top left corner of your screen to either COPY the selected project, or DELETE the project.

To delete multiple projects, tap/click and hold a project to enter Edit Mode. Then select any additional projects you would like to delete, highlighting their thumbnail image with a blue outline. When you are done, tap the Trash Bin icon to delete the selected projects.

Creating Folders

To create a folder, tap (or left-click) and hold a project until it outlines in blue. Next, drag it over a second project and when you see a grey highlight appear, release the project. A new folder will be created containing the two projects. To continue adding projects to your new folder, tap and hold a project, then drag it over a folder and release.

You can now tap the title of the folder to assign a new name. You can group projects by client name, manufacturer, or even workspace type. Get creative and create folders that will fit your workflow.

To delete a project from your folder, tap and hold a project and drag the thumbnail outside the dark grey folder area. This won’t delete the project from your account, it will only send the project back to your gallery screen.

Check out our quick tutorial on Organizing Projects:

“Oops!” I’ve Deleted a Project By Accident

We urge you to proceed with caution when deleting your projects as they are not recoverable, unless they have been successfully synced prior to deletion. The recovery process involves resetting your application, and if you havent synced recently created projects, they will be lost. To avoid this situation, we recommend running a complete sync daily to back-up your projects onto the KITS cloud; especially before deleting projects from your account.

If you would like more assistance with deleting projects, please contact our technical support team at or +1 416-499-2457 (Press 1).