Using Hand Gestures to Build Layouts

The KITS collaborator utilizes touch screen hand gestures for navigation throughout the app, and most importantly, to build and create layouts.

There are 8 different gestures you will need to get comfortable with. They will allow you to move around furniture pieces, align items and position the camera for a better view.

Touch Screen Hand Gestures:

Camera Rotate
Camera Pan
Camera Zoom

Item Move Horizontal
Item Move Vertical
Item Rotate

Drag Select
Multi Select

When you start a new project, tap the Hand Gesture icon on the top navigation bar. This will open up a ribbon of animations demonstrating each gesture. You can keep the ribbon on and visible while you build, or you can tap the icon again to close.

Looking to see these gestures in action? During a Webinar Wednesday session, our team demonstrates each hand gesture live. Watch the recording below: