You are currently viewing XRPro Augmented Reality [WIN]

XRPro Augmented Reality [WIN]

With the KITS XRPro Edition, you can present your solution to your client in Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality adds to the reality you see, rather than replacing it. Computer generated objects are combined with a live view using the camera on your smartphone.

The purpose of AR when it comes to selling is to give your clients a try before you buy experience. With AR, they can see 3D furniture pieces in their own office space to get a better understanding of your solution with perfect clarity. Ultimately helping them decide faster and speeding up the sale.

To view and edit your project in Augmented Reality, you will first need to enable KITS XR Mode on your account if you have an XRPro license. From the scene builder, tap the Gear Icon to access your Project Settings and toggle on the switch to turn KITS XR Mode ON. Then return to the scene builder.

To use the new AR feature, make sure the items that you want as AR are selected

To select everything, double click on the Select + button.

To select certain items either click on the Select + button and left click on the items that you want to render in AR.

To select an area, you can also create a drag selection window.

Please note that only selected items will be rendered in AR.


Go to KITS XR > Send AR Project Link. The AR Link can be sent via email or SMS*.

*Email addresses and phone numbers entered are NOT stored or collected.


Whether you receive the link via email or SMS, the link will open a browser window. There will be the option of viewing it in AR which will input the items into your surrounding environment, or you will be able to view it on the browser itself.

The email the recipient will receive will include the link to view the AR. Click on the link to view the project in AR on the internet browser.

Once in the browser window, a QR code will populate. The QR code can be scanned by a smartphone’s camera to open the project on the smartphone.

Click GOT IT to view the AR Project on the internet browser. To rotate the perspective of the project, Left Click + Drag your mouse.

If the AR Link is sent by SMS, the recipient will receive a link via Text Message.