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Authoring a Project for DWG + SIF Import

There are certain requirements your DWG must meet for a successful import. Keep in mind, only symbols from manufacturers we support will successfully import into KITS. Check our Manufacturer Page for a full list of the manufacturers we support.

When working with your design team, we recommend you share this article for best practices.

AutoCAD File Requirements:

1. Must be authored using either 2020 Cap, Giza, or Project Matrix. Note: AutoCAD files must be saved as a 2013 file. Any version above 2013 will not be imported.

2. Must contain no more than 1500 furniture items. Non-furniture items (e.g. CAD drawn elements) will not be imported and do not count against this cap.

3. Has a drawing area no larger than 100ft x 100ft (30.5m x 30.5m)

4. Does not contain items specified with Structural Options. However, items may import but may not reflect the intended structural options selected. Not all manufacturers have structural options, but those that do if the structural option is specified in the DWG, KITS may not import the exact specification. You can do this after you have synced the project to your iPad or Windows 10 device.

5. Only items specified in model space will be imported.Although your drawings may contain additional tabs in paper space with content. KITS will only import symbols in model space.

Requesting Files From Your Design Team (hint: 3D is best!)

KITS can recognize both 2D and 3D files, however, 3D files contain location attributes in the actual symbols themselves. That means if there are any items placed above a work surface or set to a specific height, KITS will be able to translate that height. However, if your design file is only in 2D, every furniture item that you import will be placed on the floor grid.

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